Unsecured communications can put your business and your life at risk!

Government agencies, organizations, and even private individuals have all the tools and technology needed to intercept voice and data communications traffic.

If you are concerned about your business secrets, or the health and safety of yourself and your loved ones, you absolutely must take the steps necessary to protect your sensitive communications.

Gold Lock 3G is the preferred solution for thousands of users around the world, and is licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Defence. Gold Lock 3G is a world-class software-based solution providing military-grade encryption for voice and data communications. 

When we say anonymous we mean it;

  • No information is required with purchase
  • Your data connection and device are not registered to you
  • Payment is not linked to your device
  • No information is kept in regards to your identity

  • Gold Lock 3G is easy to use and the keys are auto- managed
  • The systems works on all types of internet connections (for example: 3G, EDGE, GPRS, Wi-Fi)
  • Gold Lock 3G encrypts your calls, file transfer and text all over the world, including international calls
  • Gold Lock 3G protects against any interception attempt by private, governmental or military entities
  • There are no back doors this is a 100% guaranteed (certification provided if necessary)

  • Encryption Algorithms: 16,384 Bit Authentication / Elliptic Curve 384 Bits (RSA7680 Bits Equivalent)
  • AES 256 Bits / Diffie Hellman 4096 Bit
  • Governmental Certification: Gold Lock License #15252, Israeli Ministry of Defence
  • Bandwidth Usage: Standby mode - 1kb per minute / secure call - 250kb per minute
  • International Calls: Full support for international calls and worldwide roaming

  • Private individuals who discuss sensitive data over telephones
  • Corporate business
  • High net worth commercial businesses
  • Businesses in the private sector
  • Close-Protection Teams
  • Surveillance Teams
  • Professional Investigators
  • Law Enforcement

  • 1 x 12 Month License, Military Grade Encryption Software
  • 1 x Samsung S3 Mini
  • 1 x Presentation Case
  • 1 x Operational Manual


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