Reasons to Secure your Communications

Whether you’re a business or an individual that requires secure communications, there are some things you will need to consider:

Understanding Encryption and what it’s used for:

Is security vital in your organization?

Common Sense:
Your privacy is not a crime, and gone are the days of leaving your doors unlocked. The greatest error in security is “Human Error” and by employing our encryption software and devices, you are providing a 24/7 safeguard that protects all of your transmitted data and files.

There is a vast increase of interception of electronic devices and mobile telecommunications traffic, not just by Government Agencies but also by Organized Criminal Gangs, Fraudsters, Investigative Journalists and Private Investigators to name a few. The only real way to protect our information is via encryption.

Identity Protection:
Online transactions and personal details are easily intercepted by online fraudsters using social engineering tools and skimming devices. By using encryption you are eliminating this problem and a typical example of this would be accessing your online banking from an un-trusted computer or transferring investment records that contained an attachment with all your confidential information.

Employment Controversy:
Management Policies include transmission laws that allow management to intercept and store all of your transmitted emails and online usage. Employees have been known to have been sacked for a personal comment or opinion made in the workplace and has such resulted by management intercepting personal emails that are used by company computers.


Protecting Your Privacy Is Not a Crime!

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