From application development and web design to complete IT Management and disaster recovery, we can cover any project no matter how big or small the job is. With over 20 years in house IT experience and by working with some of the best support companies in the business. AF Consultancy are able to deliver your requirement, whatever it may be.


Below are some examples of the work AF Consutlancy have comleted, or are currently working towards. Simply click on the image to view the project in more detail, or contact us to discuss your requrirement further.

  • Image 1 Umbrella Calculator are one of Europes leading tax calculation and advice companines specialising in all aspects of Contractor and Locum pay throughout the UK and europe.
  • Image 2 Tweet Maxtix began life as a twitter job-board, but rapidly grew into a simple and easy way to advertise across the majority of social media product with only post.
  • Image 3 Jura 3.15 is a Microsoft Access based CRM product developed over the past 3 years with the help of various recruitment agencies within the Nursing, Healthcare and Logistics sectors.
  • Image 4We're not just here to develop corporate sites and applications, we're also here to provide help were we can in the community by supporting local teams such as The North Cheshire Victory Rollers and local charities with IT Hardware, Support and Services.
  • Image 5 Application Design and Web Development are only a small part of what we do. By partnering with some of the largest hardware providers in the UK, we are also able to offer competitive rates to quote, configure and deliver your new IT Reqiurement.
  • Image 6 Sometimes the worst can happen. We work with our clients closely to understand how they will require our support should something go wrong. By assisting in Disaster Recovery Strategies, we can ensusre that a system fail isn't the end of the world.